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Ugwuezi Pearl Akomas,A Critical Evaluation of aspects of My Teaching Practice in My Country

A Critical Evaluation of aspects of My Teaching Practice in My Country:

Programme: Hospitality Management     Course Title: Front Office Management (Theory).                 

Reflecting on my teaching experience when I taught theoretical aspect of the above named course. Unwittingly I used 2 of Brookfield’s (2005) 4 lenses - autobiographical and colleagues’ eye to critically evaluate my teaching and find ways to improve my teaching.

Based on the assessment of periodic projects/exercise done by students. I 'scheme' from students' performance to identify those I need to schedule to have a one-to-one interaction with. This is usually the ones that recorded poor performance. Sometimes interacting with this category of students on one-on-one basis has helped me to identify areas of weaknesses, misconceptions students have about the topic or a gap in the way I have passed across the lesson. Going through a student's work together with him/her and showing not only what and why he performed poorly, but also how in he can do better by principle has led to improvement in subsequent projects/exercises.


Secondly, tutors in my department have formal periodic meetings where we share our teaching experiences (Similar to Brookfields' third lens). Sharing our experiences has helped tremendously with regard to improving our teaching and students' learning experience.

Having participated in Fslt15, I am now conscious of the need for me to apply Brookfield’s other 2 lenses- Critical literature and learners’ eye and to also deepen on the other 2 I have used previously.


As I watched the video on “Teaching Teaching and Understanding Understanding”, I could see myself on the level 2 of ‘what teachers do’. Consequently I now feel the sense of need to aspire to the level 3 ‘student centred teacher’ (what students do) but not without the consciousness of my need of continuous surveillance and reflection in order to keep modifying my teaching practice based on the kind and diversity, topic and context of learners. In short this course has ushered me into the consciousness of self‐motivated professional development (Minott, 2010).

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