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Ninnie Yeo - Road Construction Ahead

Exhibit details: It is my first year of teaching at Oxford’s School of Architecture, and as a part of designing the M.Arch subject brief, a ‘road trip’ to Detroit was incorporated, enabling the students to conduct their own field research and test their project hypotheses. This presentation evaluates the ‘road trip’ to Detroit as an experiential learning activity in relation to the intended learning outcomes, and according to the ‘Constructive Alignment Model’ set out by Biggs and Tang (1999).  – Highlighting tutor-to-student feedback in tutorials; student-to-tutor feedback in response to learning activities; peer review amongst students as participatory and community learning; Peer feedback from colleagues in response to my feedback-giving practices; And aims to set out new workable recommendations that can be readdresses immediately and following on to the design of next year’s brief; supporting literature; and the Brookes Assessment Compact.