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Katherine Staples U43708 Partnerships 1: a critical evaluation

Abstract for Virtual Conference Presentation

This presentation evaluates the Information Literacy input into U43708 Partnerships 1, an undergraduate module for all students studying Health or Social Care degrees at Oxford Brookes University. This module is one of two where Information Skills are embedded into the module and form part of the assessment. Feedback on the Module and on the Librarian input is gleaned from student reaction to the lecture, reflection from the Librarian after the lecture, feedback from the Academics and from the Module Evaluation. Despite the importance of the students acquiring good Literature searching skills to be able to used evidence to inform their practice, the Module feedback consistently shows that the students do not value the module nor see its relevance to their course. Improvements suggested include use of case studies and narratives to break up the lectures, and improved group work in seminars to increase understanding of why Evidence-based Practice is so important.