Information about the live online classroom

The sychronous classroom we use is in Adobe Connect. Some tips for using Connect:

  • You will need a recent version of Flash installed. If you're not sure you have this, check with your IT support people in advance.
  • Before you enter the classroom for the first time, run the system check tool:
  • Use headphones if at all possible, and ideally a microphone (either your computer's built-in mic, or a headset with mic)
  • Once you've confirmed that your computer is set up to run the classroom, go to: and type your name in the 'enter as guest' box.
  • We find it runs best in the Firefox web browser, so if you have any problems, try switching to Firefox if you can.
  • Once in the classroom click on Meeting at the top left of the screen and run the Audio Setup Wizard.

If you miss a webinar, you will be able to watch the recording afterwards.

You are welcome to use the room outside of our scheduled webinars, for example to work with your group in weeks 2 or 3, or to set up a study group to talk about the final assessment. One of the tutors will need to open the room for you so email Liz to let us know what time you'll be using the room.

Find out about the main features of Adobe Connect by watching this short video:

Further Adobe Connect resources are available in our repository (RADAR).  These are open and freely available for you to use:

Last modified: Monday, 16 March 2015, 11:44 AM