Open access readings:

star reading icon Key reading: Teaching Presence in the Community of Inquiries Model - If you only read one thing this week, make it this one

... and also this one:

star reading icon Key reading: Fetzner , M. (2013) "What  Do  Unsuccessful  Online  Students  Want  Us  to  Know?" Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks 17, Retrieved 7 Feb 2014, from

Russo-Gleicher. R. (2013). Qualitative Insights into Faculty Use of Student Support Services with Online Students at Risk: Implications for Student Retention. Journal of Educators Online. 10(1).

Stewart, B. Goodson,C. Miertshin, S. Norwood, M. Ezell. S. (2013). Online Student Support Services: A Case Based on Quality Frameworks.  MERLOT. Journal of Online Teaching. 9 (2).

Seb Schmoller quality standards for supporting eLearning.

Restricted access readings

Phelan, L. (2012).  Interrogating Student Perceptions' of their Online Learning Experiences with Brookfield's Critical Incident Questionnaire. Distance Education.  33(1)

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