Task 3

Take a look at the case study of students using technology to do group work (below). 

Think about all the issues for supporting student group work that this case suggests. Some of the issues concern the technologies that students use, some of which are appropriate to the task and some not; others concern the people involved, how they work and their preferences; while others concern the design and the tasks they were asked to do. The biggest issues also come from failing trust and the absence of social presence amongst the students. What would you do to address this? Would any of these techniques be of value in your practice?

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The same materials can be viewed in various ways:

There is a video recording of the presentation.

 a video recording 

Alternatively you can see the PowerPoint and read a transcript of the audio.

The videos of the online meetings discussed are on Mark's YouTube channel

Early stages of interaction

Late stages of interaction

The "ah-ha" moment 

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