Task 4

Preparing learners badge

  • Read through some examples of icebreakers and the twenty-first century icebreakers and select one that you could use or, preferably, design one of your own to suit either this course, or your own context.
  • Write a short description of your activity. Explain how it is suitable for your chosen context, the subject area, and/or students (no more than a slide's worth of content). 
  • Create a slide for your activity in our Icebreakers Google presentation (see video below for a quick intro to using Google presentations). Use the 'notes' area if you need more space for background information.
  • If appropriate, remember to leave space on your slide for people to participate in your activity.
  • Remember, the earlier you post the more feedback you are likely to receive.
  • Leave comments on other people's icebreakers, to offer feedback to each other.
  • Participate in one of the icebreaking activities other people have posted.
  • When you've finished, tick the completion box for this activity on the main course page, to be awarded the 'Preparing learners' badge.

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