Week by week overview



Inducting and socialising online learners

Preparing learners badge

Week 1

Aims and objectives

  • Considering different kinds of course induction activities
  • Create and test different icebreakers
  • Become familiar with the discussion forum and introduce yourself


Designing engaging online activities

Designing activities badge

Week 2

Aims and objectives

  • Consider different learning design frameworks and what makes a good online activity
  • Use a framework to analyse an activity you have experienced or used
  • Get to know your other group members


Designing collaborative online activities and supporting online groups

Working collaboratively badge

Week 3

Aims and objectives

  • Work collaboratively on a collective piece of writing
  • Discuss collaborative work in teaching and learning
  • Learn about the benefits and issues of collaboration in teaching and learning


Easter break

No tutor presence.

Supporting student learning

Supporting students badge

Week 4

Aims and objectives

  • Consider ways to support learning in an online environment
  • Identify incidents that impact upon an online learner's experience
  • Learn strategies for avoiding and overcoming critical incidents



Assessing learning badge

Week 5

Aims and objectives

  • Discuss and exchange ideas for assessment criteria
  • Assess other groups' small group presentations
  • Compare online and offline modes of assessment


Articulation of good practice in online learning

Articulating good practice badge

Week 6

Aims and objectives

  • Reflect on online learning experiences and good practice
  • Create a personal inventory for your own good practice
  • Link theory and practice for online learning


Assignment submission

Submit a draft before for formative feedback

Final version due

For people taking the course for credit as module P70408.

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