Find out more about FLST Open Badges

Researcher badge  reflector Theorist Presenter badge

Badges are awarded for completion of each of the four major activities. When you have feel you have completed the activity please tick the completion box next to the activity link (badges are self-assessed).

The completion box looks like this (this is the week 1 completion box):

Completion tick box

Once you've ticked the box, you will receive the badge to display on your Moodle profile.

To export the badges to display elsewhere, you will need a Mozilla Backpack.

Badges do not carry any academic credit but are a fun way to signal engagement with the course. 

Why badges? (George blogged about this question here.) We are doing this course to explore some of the developments on the cutting edge of contemporary learning and teaching practice. Badges as tokens of "micro credit" or symbols of community learning participation in lifelong learning are on this rapidly approaching horizon: see Mozilla Open Badges, HASTAC's Digital Badges Initiative, and James Michie’s excellent and balanced presentation on badges on his Open Online Course #crit101.So, why badges? As James says, it is not so much the answer but the question that is important.

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