Task 2: Articulating good practice (no more than 2 hours) (badge activity)

Articulating good practice badgeEarly in the week each person should compile their own brief inventory of good practice in online tutoring, drawing on your own practice, research and experience and the four inventories that have been presented here -- Chickering & Gamson's 7 Principles, Salmon's 5 Stages, Macdonald's 3 elearner capacities, and Palloff and Pratt's 6 excellent online tutor characteristics. Post your own individual inventory to this forum.

In the forum explain your rationale for your inventory. What features of online tutoring does it emphasise? What features does it play down? How might your inventory be specific to your present professional role? How might it be generalisable across roles and disciplines?

We suggest that you follow two guidelines:

  1. Be brave: Post your ideas as early as possible, Preferably by Tuesday of Week 6.
  2. Be brief: Try for no more than 30 lines. Don't try to be too polished: just a few bullet points will be fine.

Then, in the forum, respond to at least one other person's inventory as a "critical friend": as you have evaluated the strengths and omissions of your own inventory, consider the inventories of other people; what do you consider to be the particular strengths of their inventories?

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