Course feedback discussion

This final discussion topic has been created as one of the methods we use to seek your feedback on this course. It differs from the others in that we may publish anonymised extracts of comments posted in this topic.

We are asking for this feedback for three reasons

  • To help us to improve the course
  • To help others learn from our experiences with it
  • To market the course in future

We believe it is useful to the teaching and learning community as a whole to be able to share and learn from one another's experiences, so we may seek to present and publish experiences of running this course from the perspective of both the tutors and the course participants.

It is also useful for us to be able to illustrate the course experience in publications or marketing materials with comments from participants. In this event we promise that your comments and identities will be kept completely anonymous.

We will not use extracts of your postings from any of the other for this purposes - just what you post in this discussion board.

Your participation in this course feedback discussion topic is entirely voluntary and we will understand if you elect not to participate.

Many thanks

Marion, Mark & Simon

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