Task 2

Discussing collaborative working (no more than 1 hour)

In the small group activity (Task 1) you experienced working in an online team. In this task we ask you to reflect on that experience and more broadly the complexities of supporting online groups.

What do you think about the differences between doing group work in more traditional face-to-face ways and working entirely online? What things become easier, which things become more difficult? What’s the role of the technology mediating the various group processes? What sorts of technologies are the best ones to use for certain kinds of tasks? What are the basic skills required for interaction?

What are some of the key ingredients for designing a good online group work activity? What resources need to be in place for online groups to be able to work well? What skills do students need in order to collaborate online and to what extent should these be taught? What kinds of support do tutors need to provide? What challenges will online students meet in their group work? How, if at all, are the challenges of group work different online to face-to-face?

Please post your reflections on these questions and your experiences of online group work here.

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