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0: Induction Discussion: Arrivals lounge

Hello and welcome to First Steps into Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, open online course. Please use this forum as an "arrival lounge" and place for making introductions and asking questions. When you first log in to this course site, please post a message to this forum. Say who you ...

1: Teaching Teaching discussions

Post here to discuss our week 1 topic: teaching.

Discussion about the annotated bibliography activity

Post here to discuss the annotated bibliography activity.

2: Reflective practice Reflective practice discussions

Post here to discuss our weekly topic: reflective practice in teaching and learning.

Post any thoughts prompted by the content provided this week on reflection, examples of when reflective practice has really helped you as an academic and teacher and any resources which you have found or ...

Reflective writing forum

Post your reflective writing activity here. You may write in the forum or post a link to writing elsewhere (i.e. your own blog)..

In order to be awarded the Reflector Badge you must create one discussion, that is, post your reflective piece to a new topic. And you must post at least one reply to...

3: Supporting learning Activity: Learning discussions

Post here about our weekly topic: learning.

4: Designing Designing discussions

Post here to discuss our weekly topic: Designing.

Post your thoughts on learning design and any resources which you have found or developed yourself.

5: Assessment Assessment discussions

Post here to discuss our weekly topic: Assessment.

Virtual conference forum

This is the "conference room" where you upload your presentations (or post the link) and discuss. To upload please click "Add a new discussion topic". Give your new discussion topic a title in the form Your name - short title. Type (or past in) a brief abstract (c. 100-150 words) and either ...

Activities Summative Course Assessment discussion

For assessed participants