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Introduction Forum

This is an example of what an introduction forum might look like. The programme provides a two week induction period in early January before the teaching gets started so that you can introduce yourself to the other students and the tutors. It also gives you time to get use to the virtual learning...


Learning forums

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4. Data, information and Big data Competitive intelligence discussion

Here is another example of a discussion forum with a tutor and some already built-in student responses. These were created from real discussions which have been anonymised. They will give you more information on how these discussions work. Have a look through the responses that are already posted...

5. Challenge of the digital Creative Disruption Forum

Badge activity


Following on from the presentations and reading activity, use this forum to discuss the following: 

  1. Identify and share examples you have found of traditional publishers trying out new business models.
  2. Identify and share examples of new entrants causing creative disruption within ...