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Protocols for the peer feedback conference
by George Roberts - Monday, 22 February 2016, 10:30 AM

Hello everyone

I am looking forward to the conference. 

To begin, each person participating should "Add a new discussion topic" to the forum. The topic should be in the form Name Short Title .  In this topic you should write about 150 words as an abstract or brief introduction to your presentation and attach a file or post a link to the item which may be on any of various sites such as Slideshare, Prezi, YouTube etc. Please be sure whatever you upload to sites outside this Moodle is publicly viewable. Please do not upload your own presentation as a reply to someone else's. Each item and its associated comments should hang together as a separate thread.

Please upload your presentation in advance of your chosen session. Give the other participants time to view it.

Your presentation should take no more than 10 minutes to view or for you to present.

In each peer feedback sessions, up to four participants will have an opportunity to present. Please choose your session before the end of this week. We need to know if we need to add more sessions. If it comes to the end of next week and you have not chosen or requested an additional session we will not be able to accommodate your wishes. And, similarly it will not be possible for everyone to present at 1600 GMT on Friday 26 February! 

The format of the peer feedback sessions will be more or less like this.

  • The sessions will be facilitated by a course tutor. But remember they are peer feedback sessions. Everyone contributes.
  • The sessions will be recorded.
  • Each person will have up to 10 minutes to present their item. The links should be obvious from their submission to the forum. The facilitator will be there to help everyone find the presentations or to upload them to the session.
  • Presentations may be followed by up to 10 minutes of discussion about the items. Or the presenter may choose to run the session more interactively with ongoing discussion through their whole 20 minutes. It is up to you how you run your 20 minutes.
  • However you run it each person will have 20 minutes max.
  • The facilitator will ensure the presentations and discussions run to time. Please do try to keep yourself to time. We hate having to cut people off. 
  • While the presentations are ongoing participants may wish to have the relevant discussion forum open in another browser tab or window and make notes in a reply to the uploaded item.
  • After the session each participant should go to the discussion forum and post a brief helpful comment in reply to each of the items they have engaged with.

I hope that helps!

I have reposted this to the conference forum ic case you want to ask questions. But, please remember, do not upload your presentation as a reply to this or to anyone else's presentation. "Add a new discussion topic".

See you soon.