Task 2: Articulating good practice (no more than 2 hours) (badge activity)

Malcolm Kirkpatrick
Re: Inventory of good practice in online tutoring - Dawn Buzzard
by Malcolm Kirkpatrick - Friday, 8 May 2015, 11:45 PM

Hi Dawn,

I liked your inventory which was detailed and very thorough.I especially liked the way that you emphasised the Induction section which I believe is so important and is a lesson that I will remember from this course.

Under the collaborating section, how would you include and engage the lurkers and students who were diverse eg. of different cultures, disabilities etc., into the collaboration of learners.As a new Tutor, this is what I find most difficult.

Under the support section how much time would you allow for the teacher presence in an activity such as the one that we participated in.

Best regards