Task 2: Articulating good practice (no more than 2 hours) (badge activity)

Inventory of Good Practice Katherine Staples
by Katherine Staples - Wednesday, 6 May 2015, 8:44 AM

Hi all

Here is my inventory of good practice. I'm slightly over the 30 lines, but hope that I've included all that I wanted to / meant to.

I think mine is a fairly general inventory. Yes, I was making it for my own use, but I was assuming I was a tutor, not the Librarian I currently am. I would therefore hope that it could be used by others in other disciplines.

I have focussed heavily on the course design and course support aspects of an online course, as I believe these two things to be crucial to a successful course.


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Re: Inventory of Good Practice Katherine Staples
by marion waite - Wednesday, 6 May 2015, 2:35 PM

Hi Katherine


Thank you. Liz has posted a question to Mike about the potential hazrds of tutor responses, this is do you think there may be a risk of stifling interaction and peer learning, if the tutor is always the respondent?

I am also going to suggest as I am with everyone else on the thread that you take a look at least two other participant inventories and compare them with yours? where are the similarities and differences?


Re: Inventory of Good Practice Katherine Staples
by Katherine Staples - Thursday, 7 May 2015, 3:46 PM

Hi Marion

Thanks for your reply. Yes I agree there could be a risk that the tutors are stifling the conversation, but personally, as a student, I always find it reassuring to know that I'm thinking along the right lines. Within this particular cohort - I do think that people are willing to comment and critique, but that i think was probably facilitated well by you, Abi and Liz in the first couple of weeks.

In this MOOC it has been really good to hear the views of peers in other disciplines and other sectors, and find out what has worked for them, and what they have experienced. This may be harder to do in an online course of younger students who may not have such diverse ideas.

Of course I will critique my colleagues entries - I simply ran out of time after posting mine!



Re: Inventory of Good Practice Katherine Staples
by Hazel Rothera - Thursday, 7 May 2015, 8:39 PM

I was relieved to see that while I didn't manage to meet the suggested target of posting by Tuesday, no-one else did either ;-) - well done for going first!

You and I have taken very different approaches, in that I focused very much on the kind of online teaching and learning practice I do currently get the opportunity for in my context, or could do with a bit of a stretch. I suspect your inventory therefore has more cross-disciplinary application than mine. Which parts of it do you feel would have most application in a more typical Subject Librarian context, ie when one is typically designing a stand-alone online activity or session rather than a whole course?

I think you're right that when it comes to a whole course, good design and adequate support are crucial, and minimise a lot of the potential problems. I particularly like your idea of re-using materials (RLOs), as I think being able to do this can mitigate some of the very heavy time investment required before the start of any online learning - it is more feasible (and easier to justify to one's line manager!) if it is possible either to re-use previous resources, or plan to re-use what you create for this course. The constant changes in our online environments do challenge this of course - how often have we had to re-do a presentation or tutorial because the resource we're doing it on doesn't look the same as it did last year?...

Malcolm Kirkpatrick
Re: Inventory of Good Practice Katherine Staples
by Malcolm Kirkpatrick - Saturday, 9 May 2015, 12:13 AM

Hi Katherine,

I thought that your inventory was comprehensive and thoughtful.I also agree that the design and  course support are vital.

 I liked the way that you would bring aspects of previous designs that had worked well into the new design and the way you would anticipate the demands on time and resource with respect to the response to diversity, but can one assess how much extra resource or time can be allowed  for diversity,or is it a 'business plan' issue which has commercial limitation perhaps?

I thought that it was interesting that you recommended at least two Tutors and perhaps technical and admin support plus other support as necessary.Do you feel that more support is needed for online students ( Excluding the technical side}.

How would you ensure that all of the students on a forum or webinar were engaging? This is something that we are wrestling with at the moment because we have up to  20% who are not engaging on our new online courses.I felt better about it when I read  about why students dropped out from an American Online University and what the levels of non engagement were.( Fetzner 2013).

Student retention is close to our hearts!

Kind regards