Critique of Scenario B

Abi Ball
Re: Scenario B reflection
by Abi Ball - Thursday, 30 April 2015, 9:09 AM


It is funny how we interpret things differently; I had focussed on your first sentence where you switch from the disengagement of the tutor to the motivation of the students.  Yes I appreciate that the root cause of the problem is the tutor but you also raise some interesting points about initial enthusiasm for the task by the students and their waning contributions, so I didn’t interpret this as focussing on the lack of tutor engagement. 

Your other comment about reaching consensus/understanding, encouraging, acknowledging, or reinforcing student contributions, prompting discussion and assessing the efficacy of the process being a tutor role is absolutely correct but there are large elements of this that also fall to the students particularly if we consider them in the light of peer support or peer review (I probably had my week 5 hat on at this point!)