Critique of Scenario B

Abi Ball
Re: Critique and possible interventions
by Abi Ball - Wednesday, 29 April 2015, 1:57 PM


For some reason there are two copies of this message in the discussion forum so I'm only going to respond to one of them

It is interesting that you have referred back to the tutor's personality not coming through the postings; this is obviously something that has resonated with you during this course as I think you also mentioned it in the previous scenario.  Lack is a word that springs to mind for this whole scenario.  You've used it to describe how the tutor is not performing but I would also have added it to the students who seem to lack enthusiasm for the activity.  Do you think that the formative nature of the activity is putting the students off (aside from the poor instructions from the tutor)?

Well done for coming up with some really useful and practical suggestions on how to change the activity for the better.