Critique of Scenario B

Malcolm Kirkpatrick
Critique and possible interventions
by Malcolm Kirkpatrick - Wednesday, 22 April 2015, 10:51 PM

I felt that the tutor narrative was very direct and dry which gave away very little of the tutor's personality which is important to engage students.It was also vague and did not contain information as to when the task was due for submission and clues as to the best approach.

Evidence of this was from a student post who asked for clarification and deadline date.

I would have provided the missing detail and provided a warmer and more personal approach and much encouragement  for the small group.

The following is informed by Belbin ( 1981) Team roles and Anderson et al (2001)

The teacher presence is not evident from the posts evidenced by  :

  • Lack of Designing and Organisation as indicated above evidenced by lack of reminder of learning outcomes and a statement as to the importance and context of the task
  • Lack of Facilitating Discourse ie no interventions with student dialogue
  • Lack of setting the climate and protocols for the student discussions
  • Lack of awareness and drawing in of "lurkers" as only a few students were posting
  • Lack of direct instruction during the student discourses
  • Indicators for the above would be focusing discussions and keeping the students "on message" and providing feedback and expert knowlege.,Infact a student provided a reading reference for the other students.

I would have provided the learning outcomes and reasons why the task was important.

I would have set protocols and helped the students to divide the task and would have kept them "on message" . I noticed that post 5 was pivotal where a student put forward a strong directive as to how the task was to be done.I would have intervened here.Following post 5 a student tried to disagree and was ignored by the rest of the group, became frustrated an looked outside the group to reinforce the differing opinion as to how to proceed.I would have identified the differences in opinion and would have given direction or sought to reach consensus.

I would have recognised that some students were "stormin" and "normin" the task and leaving the rest behind. Here I would have intervened to bring in "lurkers" and make the division of the task much fairer.

The lack of teacher presence left the students with a poorer learning experience than that which was possible.



Abi Ball
Re: Critique and possible interventions
by Abi Ball - Wednesday, 29 April 2015, 1:57 PM


For some reason there are two copies of this message in the discussion forum so I'm only going to respond to one of them

It is interesting that you have referred back to the tutor's personality not coming through the postings; this is obviously something that has resonated with you during this course as I think you also mentioned it in the previous scenario.  Lack is a word that springs to mind for this whole scenario.  You've used it to describe how the tutor is not performing but I would also have added it to the students who seem to lack enthusiasm for the activity.  Do you think that the formative nature of the activity is putting the students off (aside from the poor instructions from the tutor)?

Well done for coming up with some really useful and practical suggestions on how to change the activity for the better.