Critique of Scenario B

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Scenario B
by Vincent Cornelius - Wednesday, 22 April 2015, 6:01 PM

This scenario appears to depict a situation where, using the Community of Inquiry model, there is inadequate teacher presence that leads to insufficient and inappropriate social and cognitive presence.e 

There seems to have been an attempt at encouraging participants to use this activity as a practice for the graded exercise to follow. The manner of the communication however failed to achieve this and actually conveyed a sense of tutor withdrawal.


Teacher presence was lacking in terms of providing sufficient clarity of the task and when the question came in asking for the completion date the tutor failed to answer - and failed again when the question was re-iterated.

Another symptom of poor clarity was the extent to which the task was approached differently within the group. Yet again the hands-off approach from the tutor was problematic and there is a clear sense of confusion and frustration from within the other posts. The final post contains a negative comparison with another group "they are storming it"... Had the tutor been moderating this, they may have picked up this cue.


Abi Ball
Re: Scenario B
by Abi Ball - Wednesday, 29 April 2015, 1:49 PM


I like how you are applying the COI model to this scenario - it really helps to make sense of it.  Have you any experience of this kind of thing from your own practice (or even as a student) that you can draw on and think about how you might do things differently?

Your comment about the negative comparison really compunds the problem for the group - perhaps it would have been better if the groups had worked in complete isolation?  Did you or any of your group look at the other group work back in weeks 2 or 3?  If so do you think it helped or hindered your groups' work?