Critique of Scenario B

In the jungle!
Critique and suggestions for scenario B
by Susan Cheyne - Wednesday, 22 April 2015, 11:21 AM


1)      Some participants are not being listened to, others are leading without considering all opinions

2)      The tutor did not provide clear instructions e.g. the question was actually 2 questions and there was no deadline.

3)      Tutor did not answer questions about deadline when it was asked.

4)      Tutor did not step in to help regulate the group.


1)      Tutors should have standard ‘template’ emails which include all the information the students need, not all students will refer back to the handbook

2)      Tutors should provide information about how to work in a group e.g. there should be a facilitator to ensure all voices are heard and different ideas are all fully explored.

3)      More support needed to help the groups get together (virtually)

Abi Ball
Re: Critique and suggestions for scenario B
by Abi Ball - Wednesday, 29 April 2015, 1:08 PM


Once again I like how you clearly highlight the issues and your proposed solutions for this scenario. The issue of tutor engagement is key here and despite informing the students that he would not take part in the discussion Neil needs to at the very least check that the groups are functioning OK or give them an alternative means of communication (such as email) if they have any problems.  Have you had any similar problems in your teaching – if so how have you dealt with them?