Task 3: Learning design discussion (no more than 1 hour)

Re: Online vs Face to Face
by Katherine Staples - Friday, 17 April 2015, 4:52 PM

It's interesting that you say that online courses were simply transferred from Face-to-Face teaching and unsurprisingly didn't work. It sounds very much like information that was written to be handed-out simply being translated into HTML and put up as a webpage without any thought for the poor soul who was trying to read it!

I agree that the models are a very good place to start and it has made me think about how I could improve what I have already done. Not necessarily the Basic database session which worked really well - but perhaps the advanced session. 

The other session that it would be good to something with is one of the 2nd year research modules which has an hour long camtasia presentation, which I did in a hurry back in September to replace an out of date presentation that was recorded from live. This is based along similar lines to the advanced database searching session so this way the two may be able to be used for both.

Re Hazel's point about the vodcasts I've already done - I am hoping that we may be able to reuse them if not via our webpages - via Moodle for use by other students. I think it may depend on whether copyright permission is granted by the database suppliers.