Task 3: Learning design discussion (no more than 1 hour)

Online vs Face to Face
by Katherine Staples - Thursday, 2 April 2015, 4:05 PM

I've not had experience of designing a full course either face to face or online. However, I have delivered lots of one off or 2 sessions training face to face, as well as two sessions online. One thing I've realised this week (and from reflecting about how my online sessions went) is that online teaching seems to require greater input on the part of the lecturer. Whilst I can easily deliver a basic database searching session with very little pre-preparation, except primarily to check that my search example still works, delivering the same session online required more set up - creation of polls withing Adobe Connect. Working out how I could get interaction from the participants. Creating additional Camtasia Vodcasts to demo the individual databases that I couldn't get to work via a live online demo (due to fear of bandwidth collapsing)

There was also the setting up of the Adobe Connect Rooms so that everything was where it was supposed to be in time for my teaching (fortunately someone else did this for me ;-))

The final input was liaising with the students prior to the session, to give them instructions about what they needed for the session, and how to log into the Adobe Connect session (again I had someone to help me with this)

Therefore if I was every planning to run and entire module online - I would need to ensure I'd left plenty of time to prepare everything well before the start of the course.


Having read some of the different learning design models, I ended up using an activity design model to best represent the online teaching I have done thus far. I think that some of the models I would certainly consider using if I were creating a course from scratch as there are some very useful tips  - Salmon's e-tivities for example. However what I know I may end up doing is creating my own structure from several different models which suited my need. I would also consider the experience of doing this course and First Steps in Teaching and Learning so that I felt I had the best bits of everything that suited what I was creating.

Would anyone else do this too?

Abi Ball
Re: Online vs Face to Face
by Abi Ball - Monday, 13 April 2015, 11:44 AM


As the ‘someone else’ who set the Adobe Connect room up for you ;) I can confirm that online activities do indeed take a lot more planning and forethought than most people realise.  For a long time (when online teaching first became popular – now I’m showing my age!) the general assumption was that you could just transfer face to face content into online content at the press of a button.  Unfortunately this led to really dreadful online activities (and some of your peers have already commented on awful online experiences). 

If you want to produce engaging online activities you will need to plan them from scratch and like you I think that the models are a good place to start.  If I were designing a programme I would probably start with something like the 7Cs as it enables programme level grouping of different activities.  If I were designing an individual online activity then the JISC Learning Activity Design model or the AUTC model would probably be sufficient but I think mixing and matching the models is a necessity.


Re: Online vs Face to Face
by Katherine Staples - Friday, 17 April 2015, 4:52 PM

It's interesting that you say that online courses were simply transferred from Face-to-Face teaching and unsurprisingly didn't work. It sounds very much like information that was written to be handed-out simply being translated into HTML and put up as a webpage without any thought for the poor soul who was trying to read it!

I agree that the models are a very good place to start and it has made me think about how I could improve what I have already done. Not necessarily the Basic database session which worked really well - but perhaps the advanced session. 

The other session that it would be good to something with is one of the 2nd year research modules which has an hour long camtasia presentation, which I did in a hurry back in September to replace an out of date presentation that was recorded from live. This is based along similar lines to the advanced database searching session so this way the two may be able to be used for both.

Re Hazel's point about the vodcasts I've already done - I am hoping that we may be able to reuse them if not via our webpages - via Moodle for use by other students. I think it may depend on whether copyright permission is granted by the database suppliers.

Re: Online vs Face to Face
by Hazel Rothera - Monday, 13 April 2015, 4:00 PM

My limited experience of creating online resources - which hasn't really been teaching online, so much as creating RLOs - has definitely been that they take a lot of time to do well.

The consolation for me with RLOs has always been that they are just that - reusable. For example, when I've made a Powerpoint/Camtasia video of a database demo, I've then been able to point students at that who either missed the face-to-face session, or come back weeks later having forgotten what they learned.

Do you think there's any likelihood of being able to repurpose/reuse some of your vodcasts in future?