Task 2: Contribute to inventory of online activities (badge activity) (no more than 2 hours)

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Video 4 Learning
by Dawn Buzzard - Thursday, 2 April 2015, 12:40 PM

I had a go at using Learning Designer.  There were no instructions on how to use the designer but I spent half an hour looking at open designs and playing with the tool.  I don't think I quite got the teacher interaction correct as in the final version it shows the teacher absent from the webinar during the discussion and Q & A sessions which is a mistake.

I used an online learning activity from a project that I am managing.  I didn't create the online learning activity but participated in it.   The learning module was about using video 4 learning and assumed no prior knowledge.  The module included a webinar, resource bank and 5 activities to choose from.  The module was designed for self guided learning with no tutor interaction after the initial webinar.  

The Learning Designer was good at capturing the different kinds of activities and the graphical representation allowed me to see quickly the variety of activity included in the session.  The main disadvantages were the time it took to use the designer and that the model didn't allow for learner choice, it assumed learners would do all activities in deriving the time required for the learning module.

As the designer suggests the webinar was mostly about listening, with two Q & A sessions, in retrospect it would have been very easy to have added a poll to collect prior knowledge and perhaps a couple of very short video clips for participants to have commented on either via the chat box or another poll type activity making the session more interactive.

The other feature of the Learning Designer is it's shareable content.  Designs can be shared and adapted although the interface for this looks like it is still in development.  In the long run there is potential to save a considerable amount of time, particularly if the resource links are included and the resources are also adaptable.

My design is at: http://v.gd/nUA8xv a word version is also attached

Re: Video 4 Learning
by Hazel Rothera - Thursday, 9 April 2015, 4:15 PM

Well done for braving Learning Designer Dawn - I decided I would put that on the "later" shelf! I like the colour coding it gives you, and the clear visual representation of how much time in your course is spent on different types of activity. It's interesting to see your reflections both on the Learning Designer tool itself, and on your module as you looked at it with the fresh "eyes" of the tool.

Abi Ball
Re: Video 4 Learning
by Abi Ball - Monday, 13 April 2015, 10:04 AM


Well done for trying the Learning Design model and for persevering with it!  I think you have applied the model really well and to a complete outsider I get a good grasp of the activity you are describing.  I like how the model gives the percentage for the different types of activity – it is very easy to see if you are placing too much emphasis on a particular type of activity so that you can get a good balance during the session.

You’ve touched on an issue that is common when transferring face to face activities to online activities – time.  We so often underestimate how long things take to transfer and I think this can be one reason that some people are put off.

I also like how you have already started to think about adapting the activity in light of what the model shows you.  Even if the model is not seen or used by anyone else (and don’t get me wrong I think it should be) then this is a really good activity to have undertaken for tutors generally just to see how things fit together (sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees and we need to step back).