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Abi Ball
Re: Different models of learning design
by Abi Ball - Monday, 13 April 2015, 10:44 AM


I think it is great that you have brought the Hiim and Hippe (1989) model into this discussion.  Didactic learning tends to have negative connotations in the UK as it is often seen as behaviourist; one way learning with the tutor lecturing to or at the students with little interaction.  Hiim and Hippe turn this definition on its head and I really like their development of the Bjørndal & Lieberg (1978) model.  Attached is another English translation possibly aimed at pre-16 students rather than adults but I think it is still valid for HE.  As you say learning is rarely a linear process and this model illustrates this very well.

You’ve also opened up a metaphorical ‘can of worms’ with Krumsvik’s argument that we need a digital pedagogy as something separate and distinct from pedagogy generally.  Personally I don’t agree with this; pedagogy is still pedagogy, we’ve just changed the tools that we are using to deliver and receive the learning but now I’m drifting onto a pet subject (part of my PhD) so I will stop typing!