Task 2: Contribute to inventory of online activities (badge activity) (no more than 2 hours)

How to succeed at Interviews
by Elaine Ulett - Monday, 30 March 2015, 3:20 PM

I have completed a few online learning courses with FutureLearn. Some courses appear quite formal e.g. Introduction to engineering and others , I feel, act as helpful guides. The courses are well designed and allow for lots of interaction with other learners though there is none with tutors, only a review of the forums at the end of the week. Interestingly, I haven't felt that there was a need for tutor support except one time when I was reviewing someone work and someone reviewed mine.  Clearly there English was poor and they misunderstood what they were supposed to do. As a result, they left little feedback which was inappropriate (discussed wrong element of the task).  Since it was peer-to-peer exercise, I wanted to have their input.  It would have then been nice for a tutor to have checked and suggested a different way of writing the review.  I did comment but heard nothing. I suppose with MOOCs there will be lots of people subscribed to the courses so it will be difficult to monitor them. 

I have described the course with AUTC framework because it is simple to use. Once the columns are populated it is clear to see what is covered in each section. Immediately you can see the structure of the course. It is easy to see the activities for students to complete. However, for training a smaller group I would like to have tutor support and I would spread out the quizzes which seem to be all at the end of the course. 


Abi Ball
Re: How to succeed at Interviews
by Abi Ball - Tuesday, 31 March 2015, 7:47 AM


This activity is well illustrated by the AUTC model and I like how you have reflected on the changes that you would make for a smaller group.  You could try using something like the 7Cs model to flesh out some of the individual activities a bit more:


You could start by using E-tivity 2 to introduce the tutors and E-tivity 7 or 8 to consider how you want the students to write their profiles and descriptions and to leave comments for each other.  Discussion forums can sometimes be quite difficult to track so something like a wiki/blog might make the discussions flow a bit better.