Task 5: Share your ideas (up to 2 hours in lots of small chunks)

Good Start
by Elaine Ulett - Monday, 16 March 2015, 6:42 PM

I enjoyed the first day. I like that the group was asked to write on the whiteboard what they would like from the introduction.  I felt that everyone could see that we are all in the same boat because all the replies fitted into 3 main areas. I also like the ice-breaker idea of a tongue twister. I have never been asked to create one before and it practically fell of my tongue. I hope you all like it. 

As for preparing to learn online. I guess like any learning you hope the course will be well planned and designed in a way that will keep everyone interested.  So far so good! As a teacher for many years and a student I don't have a fear of attending courses per se, I tend to think about how the course will be structured and the variety of techniques that will be used. These are key areas that I find help student engagement and thus helps them to complete the course. To apply this to an online course should be very interesting. I have no previous experience of teaching an online course only as a student. I will create online courses in my current role and hope to get lots of new ideas from this course.


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Re: Good Start
by Elizabeth Lovegrove - Tuesday, 17 March 2015, 10:38 AM

Thanks for those thoughts, Elaine.

My next stop is to go and look at the icebreakers, so I'm looking forward to your tongue-twister!

Completely agree that online learning has a lot of the same needs as any other learning. And, as is hopefully clear from the course activities, we agree about using a variety of techniques, too. I'd like to hear more about the sorts of ways those principles apply in your face-to-face teaching experience, and how you think you might be able to transfer them to online courses?