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More on Peer Review Workshop (Weeks 2 & 3)
by George Roberts - Saturday, 28 February 2015, 7:12 AM

Hi all

Concerning the peer review workshop on Reflective Practice (weeks 2 & 3)

I am posting this message also to the Reflective Practice Discussions forum so you can give us feedback.

14 of you have submitted a piece, commented on another participant's' piece, and received comments from yet another participant (and maybe a tutor). Well done! Move on fast to the Virtual conference!

So, technically, it worked for some of you.But there have been numerous queries about the process.

Where it worked,

  • Beyond the platform and navigation issues, as an exercise in peer review/enhancement of learning/practice, how was it for you?

Where it didn't work,

  • was this technology (i.e. there were no buttons to click)
  • OR was it navigation/design/guidance/familiarity with the space?

I accept you may not know where the boundary between these factors lies. I often do not. Any feedback on this experience would be gratefully received. I'll copy this question to the Reflective Practice Discussions forum.