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Peer review workshop
by George Roberts - Friday, 27 February 2015, 9:49 AM

Hi all

The Peer review workshop is sort of working. Though not perfectly for some people due to a number of reasons.

My first plea is for continuing tolerance of near cutting-edge online teaching practice. We are also developing as we learn from experience!

My second observation:

  • 27 people have successfully submitted their work to the workshop.
  • Of these, I have commented, thus far on 7.
  • 16 people have thus far provided feedback, leaving 11 people who have not replied, yet.
  • If those 11 reply, everyone will have received at least one comment and given at least one comment.
  • I have asked the tutors to pitch in and comment, also!

My third observation relates to the first. There are people still experiencing technical and navigational obstacles to submission and/or commenting and/or viewing comments. I know it is not helpful to say it is working for me. But that makes it hard for me to track faults and correct them. I have copied all individual queries to and will be following them up.

Thank you all for your engagement with the workshop and the course!

Now we also need to move on to the conference.

Best wishes