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Welcome to week 4
by George Roberts - Monday, 23 February 2015, 9:09 AM

Hi all and welcome to week four. We are moving towards the conclusion of this run of FSLT and there is still much to do!

There have been great discussions all across the course forums and activities and I have really enjoyed reading and joining in the forums.

Neil, who has been contributing to much of the discussion will kick us off with a webinar on Designing for Inclusive learning, which kicks off this week's topic on designing for learning.

Can you take the discussions on reflection and supporting learning forward into planning things (designing) to do that will make learning more effective for everyone - and not the least you!

We are looking forward this week to our final activity, the Virtual Conference. Be sure to sign up for a session and to use the discussions and activities of the past weeks to show how you have critically evaluated an aspect of your practice.

Enjoy the week!