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    6: Articulating good practice



    Articulation of good practice in online learning

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    Week 6

    Aims and objectives

    • Reflect on online learning experiences and good practice
    • Create a personal inventory for your own good practice
    • Link theory and practice for online learning


    Course tutor

    Marion Waite is your course tutor for this week.

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    Articulating good practice

    Week 6 is an opportunity to reflect upon online learning experiences, review and develop inventories of good practice, and evaluate the relationship between theory and practice.

    For assessed participants this week's learning activity, creating inventories of good practice is the second point of reflection for the patchwork text assignment.

    This week is about integrating and consolidating your learning so far. The particular aim of this week's activities is to consider good practice in online tutoring. The work we will do this week aims to give you opportunities to:

    • clarify the e-moderating role
    • consider what makes for good practice in online learning, by creating a personally meaningful inventory for your own good practice
    • reflect on your learning over the last few weeks, and share others' reflections assessment of your own personal learning.