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    This is an open access version of the resources for the Developing Digital Leaders Course, which will run next early in 2016.

    If you would like to reuse these resources, please check the terms of the Creative Commons license and acknowledge the original source appropriately. Thank you.

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      We are proud to offer badges in conjunction with Mozilla Open Badges. Using our badges allows you to verify your participation and achievements through us and other credible organizations. And because the system is based on an open standard, you can combine multiple badges from different issuers to tell a story of your achievements — both online and off. If you wish to store your badges awarded in this course (and others!) elsewhere, setup your Open Badge Backpack now.


      Developing leaders for a digital age badges

      The learning or professional development resources and activities on this course are available all of the time, and it is up to you which you undertake (if any) and in which order. There are activities embedded into the course materials which ask you to visualise, analyse and explore the situation at your own organisation and to begin action planning for the future. The outcomes will be yours to use in your own setting. There will also be opportunities to share and discuss your outcomes at the webinars.

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      When you complete these activities, you will have the option of submitting the work you have completed for the award of a Mozilla Open Badge.

      Scenario badgeScenario building:


      For scenario building in the Developing Digital Leaders course


      This badge is awarded for describing one positive and one negative scenario and reflecting on the outcomes. 


      Upload a positive and negative scenario for ONE of the themes: digital landscape, environment, infrastructure or experience.


      Learner engagement plan:Engagement Badge


      For completing the learner engagement grid in the Developing Digital Leaders course


      Assess the level of learners' engagement in their digital experience and digital environment for learning at your college/organisation.


      Complete the learner engagement grid


      Leadership audit:Leadership Badge


      For completing the leadership audit in the Developing Digital Leaders course


      Complete an audit of your college leadership audit in a time of technological and educational change and develop an action plan


      Submit the 6 sections of the leadership audit


      Professional networking:Networking Badge


      For professional networking activity around the Developing Digital Leaders course


      You can apply for this badge if you have shared your knowledge and experiences with other digital leaders during the Developing Digital Leaders course. Option A) through contributing to the action learning sets and presenting at the final webinar, or Option B) sharing links or resources using the course hashtag e.g. through your blog, Twitter account or other networking tools


      You will need to apply for this badge which will be verified by a member of the course team. In the evidence field - write a few sentences explaining whether you are submitting under option A or B. For B, you will need to provide links to a twitter stream, blog or similar.