• Activities

    There are four major activities in FSLT; completing each one entitles you to a badge: simply click on the completion box next to the activity in the main course page when you've completed the activity, and we will award the badge.

    Researcher badgeWeek 1: Collaborative annotated bibliography

    (9 days, individual)

    Due on Sunday 8 February

    Post to a link to your citation and annotation from the wiki or your personal online bibliographic manager.

    Reflector badgeWeek 2: Reflective writing

    (7 days, individual and public discussion)

    Reflection on your overall experience to date as a teacher.

    Due on Sunday 15 February. 

    Post to a discussion forum or blog.

    Theorist badgeWeek 3: Learning discussion

    (10 days, individual and peer groups)

    Discussion on the following: why did the people on your course learn what they learned? Was it the assessment? Was it the great content? Was it the activities? Was it your slides?

    We have asked what is learning? We have asked what are the benefits and drawbacks of three modes of learning? The main discussion, now, is why does learning happen in your place? Please turn to the discussion forum.

    Presenter badgeWeeks 4-5: Virtual conference

    (10 days, individual and peer groups)

    You can submit your exhibit at anytime. Please try to submit by Sunday 23 February or at least the day before your chosen webinar (choose your slot.) The last peer feedback webinar sessions will be completed by Friday 28 February. For those who are submitting for credit, you can then modify in light of feedback and submit a final version (to be tutor marked) by Sunday 2 March.

    Sign up for a synchronous session, submit a virtual conference exhibit, view the exhibits of your peers and come to your session ready to give and receive feedback.

    Assessment information

    Our general marking criteria are here.

    The UK Professional Standards Framework (UK PSF) for Teaching in Higher Education is here: http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/UKPSF