• 5: Assessment



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    Week 5: Mon 2 Mar to Sun 6 Mar

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    Rhona Sharpe, George Roberts, Marion Waite

    • Webinars: Course participants as guest speakers
    • Activity 1: Assessment discussion
    • Activity 2: Virtual conference (badge activity)
    • Module evaluation

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    How to start week 5 (2-6 March) 

    Start by congratulating yourself! You are here and it has been an exciting 4 and now almost 5 weeks!

    What should you do? Focus on the virtual conference. This week's topic of assessment is designed to help prepare you for the virtual conference. When teaching we need to help students understand what is expected of them from their assessment. One way we do this is through learning outcomes as discussed last week. This week we are going to look at ways to prepare students for assessment and by doing so we hope to better prepare you for the virtual conference.

    As the course is coming to a close think how it has been for you and the other people on the course. Are you a blogger? Please post your thoughts on how the course has gone. You might look back to your initial reflective statement and think about what the journey has been. Are you a forum discusser? Get into the forums and post your thoughts.

    If you have found this course useful then you might want to take our sister course, Teaching Online, which extends some of the topics we have discussed here and adds new topics on teaching online and teaching in general. This course starts on 15 March, but with a two week break for Easter to give you a  breather!