• 1: Inducting



    Preparing learners badgeInducting and socialising online learners

    Week 1: Mon 16 March to Sun 22 March

    week 1 of 6

    Lead tutor: Liz

    • Webinar: welcome to the course; talking about induction
    • Task 1: Arrivals lounge
    • Task 2: Edit your profile
    • Task 3: Tweet about induction
    • Task 4: Icebreakers (badge activity)
    • Task 5: Share your ideas
    • Group signup sheets

    star reading icon Key reading: Gilly Salmon's five stage model of online learning

    Welcome to the course! This week we're starting off by experiencing, and thinking about, different kinds of course induction activities. So while you're saying 'Hello' in the arrivals lounge, filling in your profile, inventing an icebreaker and participating in other people's icebreakers, remember to take a step back occasionally and think about how the activity makes you feel, and what it's trying to accomplish. Then let us know your thoughts in the discussion forum.

    Note that the video refers to the webinar time being midday, but it's actually 4pm. Sorry!

    Read the video transcript here.