Topic Name Description
1.Traditional business models URL Introduction from Helena Markou - Senior Lecturer in Publishing


Page Presentation 1

This presentation combines audio and slides to talk you through the introduction of business models within publishing.  Once you have the slides open in your browser use the "play" icon in the bottom-left corner to begin or pause the presentation.

If you prefer to read, a downloadable transcript of the presentation is also available below.

File Presentation 1 Transcript

For those who prefer to read here is a transcript of presentation 1.  

2. Beyond the traditional Page Presentation 2

In this presentation, we will look beyond the traditional publishing business models to ones that have become available in the digital age. We will consider:

  1. how technology is a catalyst for new business models
  2. how content flows in a circuit from author to reader via intermediaries
  3. and what happens when this flow of content is disrupted

We will also look at the digital business models covered in the quiz.

File Presentation 2 Transcript

This is a transcript of the audio from the second presentation on business models.

Book Marketing Communications tactics: How to blend traditional and contemporary techniques

In this workbook we will assess the changing world of marketing communications and evaluate how best to accommodate both old and new aspects to maximum effect. 

3. Sales and Marketing URL Introduction from Sara Franklin - Senior Lecturer in Publishing

Video Introduction

File Sales pitches and their use across publishing

Here's a presentation about the uses of sales pitches within publishing, drawing on examples from around the media. Read these slides first then follow the instructions to practise and record your own pitch. (the Videos from the links in the presentation are below).

URL Original Pitch of the Muppet Show for TV

Watch this YouTube Video

URL Catastrophically Bad Dragon's Den Pitch

Watch this YouTube Video

4. Data, information and Big data Book Big data and its uses in publishing

This unit should be considered in conjunction with the following unit, which examines metadata and its uses within sales and marketing teams in publishing.

Book Data usage for CI in publishing

This chapter looks more specifically at how data is currently used within publishing and stimulates reflection about future possibilities.

Book Metadata and its uses in publishing

This unit introduces the concept of metadata and explores how this may be used - or misused - in a publishing context

5. Challenge of the digital File Activity 1.2: Reading

Read the journal article by Anne Faherty with the following questions in mind:

  1. What challenges do publishers face in the digital age?
  2. How can business models be innovative?
  3. In addition to the sales of books or journals (primary business model) what other source of revenue (secondary busness model) does Faherty discuss?
  4. What are the raw materials (assets) that publishers work with?  How are these acquired, added to, and sold?
  5. Which qualities link Faherty's Category A, B and C business models, and what sets Category D apart?

(click the pdf icon to download the article)

Faherty, A. 2013. “Curiouser and Curiouser: Novelty-centred Business Models and Value Creation in Established Publishing Firms” [pdf]. International Journal of the Book. Vol.11 No.1. Available at: <> [Accessed on 17 December 2014]